Last week I was away in Virginia Beach on vacation. While enjoying some much needed relaxation and swimming in the 78 degree ocean, one of the many things to do at the beach are watching the hot chicks as they walk past my beach chair. This year, I noticed many of these fine ladies in bikini's had one, two or more tattoo's. Coincidentally, there was a survey that came out last week that pointed out the number one turn-off for men are tatted up ladies!

An electronic cigarette company conducted the survey of 500 people. The new poll states that with men, 37% listed tattoos as the major turn-off of the opposite sex.

While the women don't seem to mind as much as only 13% say tat's on a dude are a turn off. Coming in the top 5 were bad breath, beards, bitten off nails, smoking and excessive piercings.

We want to know are tattoo's at the beach a turn-off?  Does it make you cringe when you see a girl with a smoking body in a bikini and as she gets closer to see tattoo's all over her body?  Do you find body art attractive, as in the more the better? The skin is a canvas that can tell a story and needs to be filled.

Take our poll and tell us!