ARANDA Part 01 – Interview

ARANDA Part 02 – Acoustic Session/ Interview

The brothers Gabe and Dameon of Aranda stop into the Q103 studios for a chat and play me an acoustic session. Things get wired when they admit they didn’t pay attention in the 90s enough to learn what Tamagotchi is but totally know what Bevis and Butthead are. Learn about Aranda’s latest album “Stop The World” and what it have been like for them to tour with Daughtry and 3 Doors Down.


“When every start sucking in the set we just drop the name Daughtry and the crowd cheers and makes us feel better about our selves”  - Dameon Aranda

“We put out two albums nationally and the first one was a little more all over the place and this one is a little more just straight hard rock…” - Dameon Aranda

“…Usually it’s we don’t have catering which is always a horror story…”


Q103 - Dcastle