At yesterday's World Wide Developer's Conference, Apple's mobile operating system, iOS6 was announced. In it were many changes, like Siri for iPads, but the one that confirmed some rumors that had been smoldering on the web for a while, was Apple dropping Google maps and bringing in it's own mapping service.

Not only did Apple bring it's own in, it even added some new features in true Apple fashion. Such as turn by turn and instead of satellite top-down maps, fully rendered 3D maps. That is cool to me because I can pretend I'm Luke in my X-Wing avoiding the turbo lasers on the surface of the Death Star. There is also better Yelp integration for finding businesses and services easier. Also, Siri will be a part of it as well, allowing you to ask her for directions, find out how much longer till you get where you are going as well as find you a gas station if you need it. And even traffic information from anonymously collected data and any rerouting is brought to your attention with a pop-up notification.

This really is a big improvement for people like me who use their smartphone for everything. I use the map feature on my phone a lot when the family and I are out driving around looking for something or someplace. All these new features will be great and of course will be easy to use and be fluid switching to and from. But we'll have to wait till fall for our chance to start using it, unless you're an app developer, in which case you can get a first taste from the Apple Developer's website by downloading a beta of iOS6. Sadly I am not, so I won't be which is kind of heart breaking for me. But I think I can manage the wait.I'll post my thoughts on iOS6 when I am able to get it in the fall.