It's Tuesday, which means that some new music is coming our way from some awesome bands.  Anthrax is set to release their latest thrash metal masterpiece on us, while Bush is ready to make their comeback after 10 years of being idol and a rock legend releases a sequel to a classic album.

Three albums dropping today are ones that I have been excited for since the spring.  One of those albums being Anthrax, Worship Music,  with the return of Joey Belladonna on vocals.  Belladonna's work with Anthrax from 1984-1982 is the bands best and most popular work.  It's nice to hear his vocals back with the rest of the bands on the already released songs, "Fight 'em 'Till You Can't" and "The Devil You Know".

Worship Music is a return to the classic Anthrax sound from albums like Among the Living, Spreading the Disease and their debut Fistful of Metal.  A lot of that can be credited with Belladonna's return.  The album drops today, just in time for their big gig at Yankee Stadium with the rest of the 'Big Four' (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer) tomorrow.

Rock legend Alice Cooper is also set for the release of his first studio album since 2008.  The difference between this album and his last few albums is that he had some writing help from some of the original members of the Alice Cooper band.  Welcome 2 My Nightmare is the sequel to Coopers 1975 solo effort of similar name, Welcome To My Nightmare.  The idea for the sequel came after the thirtieth anniversary of the first album and will be another journey through one of Cooper's nightmares.

Original Cooper band members Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce all helped on the writing of the album which will have some of the original Cooper band sounds from the late 60's and 70's.  The last album that Cooper put out was 2008's Along Came A Spider, which was met with mixed reviews.

Bush is back with their first new album since 2001's Golden State.  The band had been broken up since 2002, but in 2008 front man Gavin Rossdale was in the process of getting the band back together.  In 2010 they played their first gig in 8 years and shortly after that began work on The Sea of Memories. While two of the original members (Nigel Pulsford and Dave Parsons) did not want to rejoin, Rossdale and original drummer Robin Goodridge were able to find suitable replacements in Chris Traynor and Corey Britz.

From what I have heard so far, it sounds like the classic Bush sound that we loved in the 1990's.  The band is currently doing a North American tour in support of the new record.

Another band that is dropping a new record on us today is Staind.  This one is a self titled album that follows up 2008's The Illusion of Progress.  It is very critically acclaimed and goes back to the early days of the band when they had a harder sound.  The first single "Not Again" has brought them a lot of success and is currently riding near the top of the rock music charts.