The host of Comedy Central’s the Jeselnik Offensive and all-star roaster Anthony Jeselnik joined me on the program to talk about his upcoming show in Albany. Did we become best friends during the interview? Maybe not “best friends” but I’m pretty sure I can expect a Christmas card from Anthony.

From dealing with horrible advice as a young comic to venting all the frustrations he’s had from past jobs, Anthony Jeselnik was willing to touch on pretty much anything. Anthony even helped settle some confusion I had a few weeks ago when I told him that Andrew Dice Clay hung up on me during an interview when I mentioned Yakov Smirnoff. Mr. Jeselnik was able to explain to me why Dice Clay hates Yakov Smirnoff and what horrible accident happened to their once friendship in the past.

Check out my conversation with the hilarious Anthony Jeselnik and then check him out this Friday at the Egg in Albany.

“Oh by far I like doing stand up better.”

“I’ve had so many different writing jobs before I got my show… this is like getting all that pent up frustrations.”

“People would pull me aside and say 'You could have a career and you could be funny if you just weren’t so mean’”

“If you make fun of some guy who just died, people get uncomfortable but if you make fun of Kim Kardashian, people go nuts and it makes me so angry.”

“I took a little bit from everybody, there s a little bit of Andrew Dice Clay”

“I love bad guy wrestlers… like ravishing Rick rude”

“I will not hang up on you, I can handle the Yakov talk”

“The only thing we didn’t get to air was … we had a perfume commercial for my new scent entitled 'Aurora'…would have done great things for my career”

“I stole my grandmother’s car and drove straight to L.A.”

“When I started watching 'Murder She Wrote' as a child it was kind of like a sexual awakening for me…”

- Anthony Jeselnik, Q103 Interview with Dalton Castle