The Grace Baptist Church has been in the spotlight after announcing they were giving away an AR-15 rifle. Well, yesterday was the big day.

The Grace Baptist Church in Troy decided to show their support of the Second Amendment by raffling off a rifle, and that rifle now has a new home, according to the Troy Record. Looks like Ronald Stafford, of Schenectady, is the proud owner of a new AR-15. But, Ronald wasn't the first name to be called. It appears there were a hand full of disqualifications before the rifle found a home, the Record reported.

There were a few stipulations you had to meet or you could be disqualified. Among the stipulations were you must be present to win, you cannot be affiliated with any group that does gun buyback program, have the name Hossain or Mohammed, or if you don't have a beard.

So to clarify, you had to be a beard-toting non-Muslim who wanted a gun. Even if you fit that description, the church still reserved the right to disqualify anyone of questionable character.

Our four founders decided to lead with the state being separated from the church. On the flip side of that coin, the church has mostly supported the state. 'Till now.

While assault rifles are not illegal in the state of New York, the owner must be New York State compliant. Not sure if this is a win for the church or the Second Amendment but is crazy story to follow.