It's common for folks to say "America Is #1" for various reason and now we have a new reason to tout, not sure it's a great one though.

A survey conducted across the world shows who text more behind the wheel and guess what? We're #1, by a long shot.

More than two thirds of Americans admitted to the surveyors they have send a text while driving. Which shows a huge gap in distracting driving compared to our European counterparts.

69% of Americans said they have talked on the phone while driving and in second place was the French with 40% and British drivers at 21%. This portion of the survey was of adults 18-64.

Texting while driving? 31% of American drivers admitted to it while only 15% of Spanish drivers did.

The lesson here? Put down the phone. We hear and see the "Don't Text & Drive" advertising yet it seems none of us heed the warnings. I'll be the first to admit, I make every damn attempt to not look at my phone while driving. It can be hard since we are a society so attached to our technology and it sometimes runs our lives.

Just remember this, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - an estimated 16,000 people killed in cellphone related accidents from 2001-2007.