After a very successful 2010 and 2011, Alter Bridge will be taking a break in 2012 while most of the band will get back together with Scott Stapp and Creed for some gigs.

The Pulse of Radio reports that Alter Bridge will finish up the remaining shows they have left in 2011, and then take a break in 2012.  They aren't breaking up by any means, they are just going off to pursue other things.

Drummer Scott Phillips said that himself, Mark Tremonti and Brian Marshall will be getting back together with Scott Stapp in Creed to record new music and do a tour next year.  Phillips said that Alter Bridge will be back in 2013 with new material.  Right now the band in finishing up the Carnival of Madness Tour then will do a few gigs in Europe before the break starts.

As for lead singer Myles Kennedy, he is going to be working with Slash once again.  Kennedy was the touring lead singer for Slash, and Slash has expressed an interest in doing an entire album with him.  The break will hopefully bring that combination to fruition since Kennedy and Slash sound so good together.