Last night, Northern Lights was packed to full capacity as Hyro Da Hero, All That Remains and headliners Hollywood Undead put on a great show.

Before the show, two lucky winners and their guests got a once in a lifetime opportunity- they got to play cornhole with Hollywood Undead! It's the band's favorite game and the winners got to try their luck against the experts. One couple somehow found their inner cornhole skills and beat the band, taking home the custom Hollywood Undead cornhole set! Check out the blog and pictures here!

As tickets sold out and the venue became hotter and more full, the first band got ready to take the

 stage. Hyro Da Hero was the opening act, and sounded similar to Hollywood Undead- the sort of Hip Hop, Rap, dirty south Rock/Hardcore genre that these bands have created. The band was from the "ghetto," as the vocalist said, as he hails from Houston, Texas. He rapped the lyrics, which were all realted to his life and experiences, while his band handled the harder sounds. I pictured the lead guitarist in a metal band, as he thrashed about in his place on stage. It wasn't exactly my cup of tea for music, but the crowd reacted positively and did not short him on applause or shouts.

Metal band All That Remains was the second act. They are my second favorite band, and, being from Boston, Massachusetts, come to the area a lot, which is awesome. I never miss them and every time I see them live they get better. The only thing I was confused about was why they were playing. They are nothing like the other two bands, style or music wise. I'm not complaining, because I love to see them, I just compared them playing in between the two bands to sandwiched- they were sandwiched in between very unlikely bands. Almost like a tuna fish and fluff sandwich- although some people might consider this delicious, others might not. I'll leave that up to you!

The band, as always, put on an amazing show, and got the crowd pretty riled up. It was apparent that some people were solely there for ATR as well. Frontman Phil worked the stage and the band always work well together to satisfy their fans. They sang a combination of old and new songs, including: "This Calling," "Forever in you Hands" and "Two Weeks." I know ATR will be forever in my heart, as their music and lyrics, style and overall personality make the perfect mix. I always look forward to seeing them again.

As the crowd got more eager and started chanting "Hollywood" and "Undead," the memebers took the stage shortly after, and everything erupted. The band was insane and full of energy, as was the crowd. People were just slammed together in constant movement, shoving, singing, arms up in the air and spontaneous crowd surfing. I've been to a lot of shows, mostly metal, and I can almost say the crowd was as crazy as at a metal show, which is nuts, but in a good way.

The band only had their masks on for the first couple of songs, and then they unveiled their true

 identities to the crowd. It was stifling in the venue, so I don't blame them at all. All six members eventually played barefoot, as there were shoes and socks strewn about the stage. The red, orange, blue and white lighting effects were awesome, as were the band's smoke effects.

They performed a significant amounts of songs from both Swan Songs and their latest, American Tragedy, including: "Undead," "Sell Your Soul," "California," "City," "Bullet," "Paradise Lost," "My Town," "N0. 5," Young," "Black Dahlia," "Comin in Hot" and "Bullet."

In all honesty, I never expected HU to be as amazing as they were. I am a fan of Swan Songs, but their genre isn't my favorite. However, for a metal lover, they blew me away and proved me and my doubts completely wrong. They put on a great show and I hope to see them again one day. I highly recommend going to see them if you haven't yet, nad if you have, then you know what I'm talking about!

Were you at the show? What did you think?