Music legend and one of my idols (I recently got a tattoo of his eye and make-up on my foot!) Alice Cooper is currently touring in Oslo, Norway. Also touring there is young pop singer Ke$Ha. After the jump is a video of the two performing Cooper's famous "School's Out" song together during Ke$Ha's show last night.

First of all, where does this "singer" get off attempting to perform a song by one of the greatest artists of all time? This is just as bad as when Miley Cyrus tried to pull off Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Did the teeni-boppers in the audience even know who this was when he came on stage?

Of course the song got good when the Coop man came on stage, but it's just a disgrace that a talentless girl not only gets to meet him but also perform on stage with him. I would pretty much give my left kidney to be able to meet and interview this legend, and all she has to do is put on a flashy outfit and "sing" some bad songs and she gets this amazing opportunity. She did do one thing right though- when he came out on stage she got on her knees and bowed to him.

Shortly after her gig was over, Ke$ha tweeted: Thanx for coming to Oslo to do 'SCHOOLS OUT' with me dad... ; ) LEGEND. FUCKING LEGEND.

This wasn't the first time the two have shared the stage together; Ke$ha jumped on stage with Alice at his October 20, 2010 concert in Nashville, where she had her way with several of Alice's balloons.

Alice promised Ke$ha a cameo in his stage show, most likely involving one of his infamous killing machines, by tweeting Thanks @keshasuxx! Next time our stage, and be sure to bring some bandaids...

Cooperis in Oslo, Norway for his concert tomorrow at the Telenor Arena with IRON MAIDEN.

I don't know why she refers to him as "dad" but he only has one daughter that should be calling him that. You might be thinking I'm overreacting but I'm a passionate music lover and Coop lover and it just makes me sad to see this.

What do you think of the video?