Normally when my boss, Rob Dawes, asks me if I own a speedo, I wonder how much eggnog he's had.  However, this weekend, I knew it could only be for one thing:  The 6th Annual Santa Speedo Sprint! Saturday, I rocked a sweet pair of Santa undies and ran the 1K race to help raise money for The Albany Damien Center.  If you ran, or if you want to gawk at my chicken legs, check out the pics and video! 

Each year, the Santa Speedo Sprint raises money to help the Albany Damien Center, a community center for individuals and families affected by HIV/Aids.   All you need to participate is a minimum of $25 and some errr ummm festive Holiday garments.

The 1K run is usually right down Lark Street.  It takes some guts to don a Speedo (or some killer alterations of the requested outfit), so this year we pre-gamed at the Lion Heart and OH bar, getting you registered for the big event.

What sets us aside here at the Q, we don't just flap at the jibs when it comes to events.  We get in on the action with you!  Why should ol' Monte just start the race, warm and comfy, while he watches you run in 33 degree weather?  With special thanks to the organizer, Jim Larson, the encouragement from our sound man, Flounder, ol' Monte hit the bricks with you!  As a runner, I must say, there is a difference between a warm 5K in the summer and a freezing cold sprint in my undies in December - my lungs burned.  Also, I may or may not have been distracted by some smoking hot women wearing Santa skirts. Just sayin'.  However, it is more than worth it to help out our friends at the Albany Damien Center.

Check out some of the video and pics that our top notch photographer, Nick Lee got!