Albany’s own Magnetic Eye Records, a label featuring rock, metal, and post-metal bands, is currently working on a metal tribute project to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall" entitled "The Wall [Redux]."  I not only have found this a fascinating project due to my intrigue over the undertaking of turning Pink Floyd’s sound into a metal sound, but also as it is just in time to get us rock fans all excited over the Roger Waters tour stop in Albany!

Just in case you missed the amazing decorated-cake tour announcement that the Q103 studios received  in February (Roger Waters to Play the Times Union Center), Roger Waters of Pink Floyd will be coming to the Times Union Center on September 23rd with his ‘US + Them’ tour.  The tour itself spans from May through October, and we’re lucky enough to get one of those stops shortly before the tour ends October 28th in Vancouver.

On Magnetic Eye’s part, the metal project itself features bands such as Summoner, Pallbearer, Ghastly Sound, and more covering 27 songs.

You can get more information at Magnetic Eye Records’ website: Magnetic Eye Records

Here's to getting metal, and excited for Roger Waters at the Times Union Center!!!

Credit: Jeff Fusco/Getty Images