Local Judo Fighter Nick Delpopolo may have lost his Olympic fight but at least he’s number one in something!

According to Foxnews.com Delpopolo tested positive for Marijuana and his Olympic identity and accreditation card will be canceled and withdrawn immediately. Delpopolo said he only tested positive because he accidently ate pot brownies before he left for London. he is also the first of the 10,500 in-competition athletes to fail his doping test. (got to be #1 in something!)

First off, I totally understand how this can happen. If I see something delicious such as brownies, I immediately start stuffing them into my mouth no questions asked.

Second: the fact that Marijuana is a banned substance form the Olympics is just down right silly! This is Judo we are talking about, a combat martial art. How can marijuana be seen as a performance enhancing drug? Maybe if Nick Delpopolo was competing in a couch lounging marathon or a potato chip eating contest, but now judo! If anything people who win Olympic events while high should receive two medals! With that being said I’m crediting Phelps with 36 gold medals. Congrats Mr. Phelps! And tough cookies (or brownies) Mr. Delpopol.