Michael Sweet of Stryper and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row are exchanging blows on social media and somehow Albany's own Moriah Formica has been caught in the middle of it all!

Frazer Harrison/Neilson Barnard/ Getty Images/ Jess Hudson

Woah! There seems to be a twitter beef flaring back up between Skid Row's Sebastian Bach and Stryper's Michael Sweet and it all stems (this time around) from Michael showing some support for one of the Capital Regions own, 15 year old Shaker High student Moriah Formica.

The other day Michael Sweet posted a video of Moriah covering Skid Row's "I Remember You" while opening up for him over the weekend with the caption "Moriah Formica kills this and in my humble opinion, smokes the original singer."

According to this article the two had beef previously over a Bach solo album which you can find out more about in Michael's post below so it seems like things are just sparking up again and really doesn't have to do with my girl Moriah she just sort of ended up in the crossfire this time around. Personally I think music is all about interpretation and I love both renditions of the song!

If you want to hear more from Moriah Formica you can pick up her debut EP 'Bring It On' it's out now and available everywhere. We've been lucky to have her stop by the studio a few times over the last year to chat with us and play some tunes and you can catch up on all that by clicking HERE. Her new video for 'Slave' just dropped last week so I'll post that for you to enjoy bellow! #SupportLocalMusic

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