Every year Halloween seems to have a new surprise concerning the weather. This year brings snowfall to Albany's festivities which in my opinion, is devastating. Sometimes I wish Halloween was in the summer so dressing like a skank wasn't such a chore when it came to dressing for the weather.

The snowfall is expected to start as early as 11am in some areas. The heaviest snowfall will occur later at night. CBS news warned, "The heaviest snowfall will occur between 6pm and 10pm for much of the Capital Region, western New England, Catskills and mid Hudson Valley. Snow will likely continue through the overnight in western New England."
Travel is expected to be a bit difficult with the heavy accumulations with snow. CBS news stated,  "Travel conditions will quickly deteriorate in heavy snow Saturday evening with rapid accumulations likely to begin even on road surfaces after dark." So not only are you watching for drunk drivers, you need to watch out for the icy roads. I highly recommend no one drinks and drives because it's absolutely stupid and dangerous anyways. Be smart and call someone reliable or a taxi.

I also recommend everyone prepares supplies in a worst-case scenario where there happens to be a power outage. It's cold out and be sure to have a place to go in case the power does go out.  Be safe, warm, and stay tuned for the Halloween storm updates from Q103.