There are certain things that can wait until you get to the privacy of your own home. 'Mastering your domain' is one of those things, but this guy couldn't wait. 

When 23 year-old Albany resident Jayshawn Owens got 'the itch' he decided to just go ahead and go for it. Never mind that he wasn't home, or alone. He had the desire, and he went for it.

Unfortunately, he has now found himself arrested - go figure. He didn't do this once by the way. Jayshawn has been the master of his domain in public on a couple occasions now. At least he sought the shelter of a back ally, though.

So what would possess this guy to do this? Who knows. Perhaps he's into getting freaky in public, but couldn't find himself a partner. Maybe he just couldn't find privacy in his home and needed to seek another spot. Whatever the case, the city of Albany tends to frown on Public Lewdness.