A 21-year-old man allegedly robbed an 89-year-old woman on New Scotland Avenue, near Quail Street, May 19. It's sad too. The mugging and where it took place, that section of Albany is a fairly decent part of the city. 

Here are the details: Daniel Decenzo is charged with Robbery and Petit Larceny after police say he allegedly snatched a purse from the elderly woman, resulting in minimal injuries to the woman. Decenzo was arrested and arraigned in Albany City Court and released on $25,000 bail.

Here's the thing. Over on the Albany Police Department's Facebook page, many are ripping this dude to shreds while some, who may know him, are defending him.

Albany PD Facebook


Clearly the above person commenting is saying Decenzo may have an issue with something other than being broke. Yeah man, there's an issue here. Help is needed and hopefully dude gets it, quick, before he does something real dumb, like, killing a damn family for a few dollars.

Robbing a little old lady though? Man, that's low. Real low.