The City of Albany as laid out some new rules for the Occupy Albany protest group.  It includes limiting the number of tents they can have on site as well as the number of porta-potties.  As they say, if you don't like, go home.

It appears after weeks of protest and clogging up the front of the Capital building, the City of Albany has had enough of the Occupy movement.  No they aren't throwing tear gas at them or arresting them, but they have laid out new rules that may end up sending some of them home.  According to a memo that went out the new rules will:

  • Limit the number of tents to 30 (there are about 50 on site now)
  • Only 3 porta-potties will be allowed
  • Only 2 propane heaters will be permitted
  • Just one generator is allowed
  • No cloths lines allowed to go across the park trees
  • No open flames allowed for cooking and that includes camp stoves

So with all the new rules in place, it's basically the states way of kicking them out.  By making living conditions as uncomfortable as possible, you basically force them out.  I understand why they are protesting, but it's also annoying.  Most of them are part time protesting anyway; aka going after work and then going home to sleep in their nice warm bed.

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