Here we are in the beginning of spring, which means the beginning of repairing our winter-damaged roads. One problem, Albany area drivers can't seem to handle simple instructions. 

If you have to hit up 787 North, you know that there is some pretty serious road work going on right now.  The road is clearly marked, so it should be easy for people to follow the simple directions letting you know that the left lane is going to be ending once you get past exit 3.  Apparently it's not easy because everyone believes that they are entitled to be first in line.

Way before the lane even ends they let you know that it's going to happen.  At that point something should trigger in your head that says 'I should get over to avoid problems'.  Sadly, this does not happen.  Instead, everyone races right up to where the lane ends and clogs up the road, trying to merge over at the last second.

Those of us that have used common sense and already gotten over should not have to let these idiots in.  You have ample time to get over.  This goes for way more that just the road work on 787, it's also the case for the road work going on, on Washington Ave extension near Fuller Road.  What is the harm of getting over early, and avoiding that ridiculous bottle neck effect that ends up causing traffic jams and delays?  It's not hard people, just use your brains.