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So, are you STD/Aids free, with proof? If so, boy have I found a great way for you to give back to those less fortunate. In this case, a lesbian couple is looking for you to donate your baby batter so they can become a mom, or mom's rather. Of course, there are a few rules and it's a Craigslist post so, let the games begin!!!

Have a look at this gem of an ad.

Craigslist Screenshot

So this is straight up trolling of the internet right? The person who posted this isn't serious, are they? Look at all those spelling errors. You would think that a couple looking to for a little Billy or Susie would put a bit more time and effort into their message don't you? Also, I'm thinking they would, if they were serious, shy away from Craigslist and put their energy into a service that specializes in this sort of thing. But hey, who am I to judge and guess what, I've found you the perfect candidate.

Here are 'somethings' about him:

He's almost 30 and super funny. He's ready to spray you down with his baby maker. He's a giver, a real ladies man, and isn't afraid to wine and dine you with a tasty treat from a random Chinese buffet. I'm also pretty sure he would retreat after he found out you were preggo with his seed, so no worries. Oh, he's drug and disease free. Perfect, baby making crisis solved!