Adobe said they would do it, and it has been done. Flash, a programming language that can allow websites to show videos and let you play games in your web browser, has been pulled for mobile devices from the Google Play store. They have also updated their page on the Google Play letting users know as well. But it's still alve and well for desktop and laptop computers.

Even after they announced that they would develop a version of Flash for mobile devices, it seemed like it was a half-hearted attempt to do it. For many it was buggy and ate power from batteries like it was candy. But others did have great experiences with it. But when Steve Jobs wrote a letter saying why Flash wasn't going to be coming to iOS devices, that's when Adobe really started to rethink Flash on Mobile.

Even though it's not available any more, they are still supporting those that have it installed on their Android device for now. Security updates being the major thing that they will be doing. They have even told users with the latest version of Android that have Flash installed, that it wasn't specifically written for it, and it may cause issues with their phone, even suggesting they uninstall it.

Where does it all go from here? HTML 5 is going to be where they focus their efforts now mostly, but also developing Adobe Air, which is a development platform that helps convert Flash apps into stand alone mobile apps. They say it'll give a better experience for the user, and I have to agree. I've played a few apps on my Mac that have been developed using Air and they seem to run smoother and use less processing power. I like that my cpu fan seems to run a little less when I had Tweet Deck up and running.

So I don't think people will really miss Flash when they see how much better their phones and devices can run without it.