Here's "The Situation" (pardon the pun): this is equal parts the best and worst story of the day.  It seems the "too cool for you" clothing line doesn't want its reputation tarnished by the trashy cast members of "The Jersey Shore."

I am both outraged and endlessly amused by a story today in the TU about the famous, preppie clothing store asking The "ab-tastic" Situation to refrain from wearing its products.  Worried that the stores' reputation is in jeopardy, the clothing giant shelled out an undisclosed, though undoubtedly substantial, amount of cash to ensure that The Situation and Co. are never allowed to wear their clothes.

On one hand, I can understand A&F's concern.  "The Jersey Shore" is just embarrassing, and a shining example of how all reality television should be shot in its sleep.  No good has ever come from watching a show about strangers that live together, hook-up, don't work or do anything useful, and complain about how much their lives suck.  It's disgusting and I can relate to the store not wanting to have any part of such nonsense.  I say kudos to anyone that jumps on the anti-Jersey Shore train! (or any "reality" based TVshow in general)

On the other hand, A&F could stand to get over itself.  I can't deal with stores that cater to snobs, and the fact that they would pull a stunt like this just proves how pompous they are.  Not to mention it doesn't make sense from a financial standpoint.  I guess A&F doesn't want rich and famous celebrities advertising their products; they'd rather give them cash to not wear their clothes and instead boost the business of competing stores.  Good riddance!  If this move drives down their stock enough to hopefully wipe them out for good, I won't shed a tear.  Honestly, how can you sympathize with a company that describes its position on the matter by saying someone "goes against the 'aspirational nature' of its brand."  Huh?!  Granted the guy is a tool that likes to flaunt his midsection a little too much, but you've GOT to be joking!  Also, let's not forget it's just plain mean and insulting.  The Situation may have sold his soul when signing up to be a cast member on "Jersey Shore," but if he has any dignity at all left, he should take that undisclosed amount of money and donate it to charity - maybe one that gives clothes to poor families that don't have anything at all; just remember not to buy them A&F.  We don't want poor people wearing their clothes in case it "goes against the brands aspirational nature."