The weather sure is wild lately in the Albany area with hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, rain, hot and cold spells. What kind of winter can we expect this year? According to we're in for a stormy and cold one but not as bad as last year.  

The leaves haven't fallen off the trees yet, and we just had some 80 degree days before you know it, the snow will be flying.  Will we have a White Christmas and another record snowfall this year in the Northeast? says probably not as bad as last year but there will be some snowstorms that will have significant impacts.

Predictions are that La Niña will put the United States into cold and snowy winter, especially if you live in Chicago.

La Niña is the phenomenon when the Pacific Ocean temperatures are below normal which made last winter in New York City, one of the snowiest on record.    This year the jet stream instead of being over New York  is to be predicted to be over the Midwest and Chicago.

"The brunt of the winter season, especially when dealing with cold, will be over the north-central U.S.," stated Paul Pastelok, expert long-range meteorologist and leader of the Long-Range Forecasting Team.

Even though the jet stream is not predicted to bring the worst storms into the Northeast, the area will still have its shares of Winter storms.

Most of the snow is expected to fall between December and January, and the Capital Region will see significant lake effect storms. Overall, precipitation is expected to be above normal throughout most of the Northeast from January into February.  The northern parts of New York and New England, are forecasting temperatures to be average or near normal for the winter season.