What is going on with America? I understand we need to take caution when our kids show signs of violence and do everything we can to make sure they know the difference from right and wrong, but a pizza gun?

This doesn’t sound like an act of violence, what this sounds like to me is an attention starved kid who clearly values laughter over food. He was willing to risk his meal for the benefit of a laugh. A pizza shaped like a gun got him silence lunch. What if he would have chewed the slice into the shape of a penis? Would that have gotten him a free trip to bible study?

I say instead of disciplining this child for acting up, we reward him for his extensive creativity. This child is obviously a head of the game in the art world. Most kids don’t venture outside the safety net of markers and crayons into different mediums like pizza until the late years of high school. This school is holding this modern day Picasso back!