American rock quintet A Perfect Circle have been together for 12 years, and have only released three studio albums, with the last one being 2004's Emotive. APC fans are getting quite eager to hear some new stuff and receive news of an upcoming album, but it doesn't seem like they will be getting one any time soon. The band are working on new material, however it's just not enough right now to begin recording or promoting a new record.

A Perfect Circle will be joining nearly 40 other bands in Columbus, Ohio next weekend for Rock on the Range. While they will be playing material that their fans will already know by heart, guitarist Billy Howerdel revealed that the band will be playing at least one new, almost-finished song for the crowd, according to Noisecreep:

We're going to have at least one new song on the tour, Howerdel revealed. It's very close to being done, and from there, things could come together. Once we're on the road and start hashing through our ideas, they could quickly become a song and make it onto the stage.

So there's an album in the works, but not for this summer. The idea was to get the juices flowing a bit and get back into A Perfect Circle mode, and go from there. But we do intend to record new material.

Perhaps APC frontman Maynard James Keenan's mind is already overloaded, as he is also lead singer of very similar and older band Tool. They have been around since 1990, and have only produced four studio albums, which isn't a very good ratio either. I know bands and musicians have their own lives as well, but most bands who have been around for 20 plus years have put out at least double of what Tool and APC have. Perhaps they should give it up?

What do you think? Are you or were you a APC fan? Should they give it up?