In yet another monstrous local marijuana bust, what could be up to 8,000 pot plants will be seized in Washington County over a three day venture.

Last week, helicopters took off from the Albany airport to seek out illegal marijuana plants. In what will be the largest Police Aviation eradication  the New York State Police have seen, 6,500 plants were seized this past Wednesday and Thursday in Washington County.  The bust could tally up to 8,000 plants.

No arrest have been made just yet, from what I read, the plants are being grown on farms without the owners knowledge.   I'm not sure which question comes to mind first - 1) How do you not see thousands of pot plants in your back yard? Or 2) How does one grow 8,000 plants?   How do you even plant those bad boys? Is it me, or does that just seem like it would take up a lot of space?  "Monte, what's in the back of your dump truck?"  Just going to plant some tomatoes, fellas.  Dump truck full of tomatoes.  *Shakes head*