The Times Union is reporting that around 8:30 Sunday night, 70-year-old Neil Johns from Lake Luzerne lost control of his truck and drove into the water. Luckily, Ryan Swigert, 25, and Charles Allen, 17, were nearby to pull him out of his truck and get him back on to the shore safely. 

Johns, who suffers from a medical condition, was taken to Glens Falls Hospital to be evaluated. According to the sheriff's department no charges will be filed.

Two things stand out in this story. First, the brave actions of both Ryan and Allen. These two guys risked their own safety to help Johns. These actions should never be over-looked. This community is better off with these two men and their actions.

Second, we are not sure what John's medical condition is, but if this condition was pre-existing and caused this accident, then John should not have been behind the wheel. If not for Swigert and Allen, Johns might not still be alive. Worst case, Johns could have crashed into another occupied vehicle or home.

Thankfully, everyone turned out to be ok.