They laughed at me when I said I wanted to fight the 11 year olds of our nation. Well, are you still laughing now that they want to car jack you?

According to this story from Oregon, a woman was held at gun point in her church parking lot by two young children of the age of 7 & 11. The kids who were soon caught by police had to be released to their parents because both were even too young for the juvenile center.

I said I could take on about a dozen 11 year olds at once and people told me I was wrong to think this way. Well now these kids are walking around with their pants on the ground and the confidence to use a gun to commit crimes. All I ask is let me fight eight children live on pay per view one time. I promise if every child in the nation sees this event they will change the way they look at life. I will be more effective than Sergeant Ramon Moses from the Jenny Jones show. They will get rid of their little kid guns and pull up their pants and start to love and respect their mothers. Please world, let me fight some kids!