4th of July is typically the most traveled holiday of the year and according to AAA, over 40 million Americans will be hitting the road this year. Compared to other holidays, the 4th has one of the lowest miles traveled. AAA predicts the average trip to be in the range of 50 miles.

Even though 40 million plus people are expected to hit the road, travel is expected to be down a bit due to the holiday being on a Thursday this year as most businesses are now not giving Friday, July 5th as a paid holiday.

How are those traveling going? Roughly 34 million will hit the road via car and 3 million by plane.

For those going via car, Mid-June has prices were up an average of 2% compared to last year - so expect the same around the holiday too. Flying is also costing more, the average cost according to AAA is up 6% from last year. A spokeswoman for the group Airlines for America, says:

That when taking inflation into account, plane tickets are significantly cheaper than they were in the 1990's. The key point,'' she says, "is airfare remains a true bargain.'

Wither you believe that or not, there is still a healthy chunk of people flying out for the holiday.

No matter what way you take, just make sure to give yourself extra time to account for traffic. You are not the only one out there with somewhere to go. Take your time, Be aware, and be safe.

Happy 4th of July!