Did someone steal a 4 yr old Albany boy's wheelchair?

According to the Times Union, a 4 yr old boys custom wheelchair disappeared from the Pine Hills area on Tuesday morning and police are investigating the incident. Police aren't sure whether or not the wheelchair was stolen or accidentally thrown away. The custom wheelchair valued at $2,000 was left on the sidewalk in front of the family home as it's left every day while the parent's get the boy ready for school. Police spokesman Lt. Brian Hogan said that it was the family routine, and that after two days the still have no leads on the case. The day the wheelchair went missing it was SUNY student clean-up and scrap night, so it is possible that the chair was discarded considering the sidewalks were filled with old mattresses, broken televisions, and unwanted couches. The chair was specifically modified for the child who is disabled and needs the chair to get around school. It's been described as a wheelchair-stroller hybrid.

We hope that the boy's wheelchair was not stolen, and was just accidentally discarded because really...who would steal someone's wheelchair? Let's hope that the wheelchair is found and returned to the family ASAP.