It's hard to believe that MTV is turning 30 years old today.  Though it's not really the same as it was back in 1981, it's still very much a part of us.

Now I wasn't around in 1981 when MTV first popped up, but it was a huge part of my up bringing in the 90's.  I use to rush home to see what video was going to be #1 on TRL and would beg my mom to  stay up for a world premiere music video.

I think MTV is in the DNA of everyone who grew up in the 80's and 90's.  These days though, MTV is pretty unrecognizable. Not a whole lot of music going on, on "music television" anymore.  Instead it's been taken over my teen moms and slobs who represent the so called Italian American culture.  It use to be a channel that I would check out while flipping through.  Now I just scan past it because chances are, I'm not interested.

I use to love it though.  Headbangers Ball, Rock countdown, TRL as I mentioned before.  MTV use to be a place to escape the norm, but now it seems like all they want to be is the norm.  Their award ceremonies are pretty ridiculous now too.  I mean, winning a moon man use to mean something, but now it seems like all they do is give the award to movies like Twilight.

MTV was a huge innovation though.  Once it took off all bands wanted to do was get a video on MTV.  If not for MTV, I'm not sure Michael Jackson would of exploded into a such an icon.  It exposed people to artists around the world.  A very cool concept that has kind of lost site of the task at hand.

So happy birthday MTV, but lets try and go back to way things were.