Every go "Garage Sale-ing" and come across some really random stuff, maybe even items that you think no one in their right mind would buy? One New York family found a bowl that simply became a decorative piece at the dinner, bought it for $3 six years ago, and that bowl just sold for $2.2 Million!

The bowl dates back to the the 10th or 11th century from the Northern Song dynasty. London art dealer Giuseppe Eskenaz plumped down the cash for the bowl after beating out 4 others in a bidding war for the item.

Originally, auctioneer Sotheby estimated the bowl might go anywhere between $200,000 to $300,000 at auction. Yep, they were wrong.

The bowl is believed to be the only of it's kind remaining in the world in such a pristine condition. It is also relatively small, clocking in at just 5 1/2 inches in diameter it could easily be mistaken for an ashtray.

No a bad little find right? Next time you pass by a garage sale, might be in your best interest to stop. Sure, you're not going to find gold every single time but a good laugh might be and that is worth it in itself right there.