The final game of the 2011 regular season has been played in the NFL and the playoffs are now set.  Lets take a quick look back at what went right, and wrong in football.

To call this NFL season a pretty one would be wrong, because at times it was down right ugly.  The Colts proved that without Peyton Manning they are far from a contender.  Buffalo once again gets their fans hopes flying high only to run out of gas and crash. Jets talked a big game (again) but have nothing to show for it and the New York Giants surprised everyone by winning the NFC East despite a slew of injuries and the hype surrounding both the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Oh and Tim Tebow, lets not forget about him.

So the regular season has wrapped and the "Dream Team", my Philadelphia Eagles finish up the season at 8-8.  I don't consider that too bad since at one point we only had one win and looked rather pathetic.  So should head coach Andy Reid be worried?  I think not.

Speaking of 8-8, how about them Cowboys?  Can we stop all the Dallas talk now?  For years it seems that this team has been hyped and yet hasn't won a playoff game since 1996.  Americas team?  I hope not, because that's pretty lousy.  Obviously Romo doesn't have what it takes to get those big wins since two weeks ago the Cowboys should have wrapped up the division.

Now there were some big positives this season too.  Green Bay almost went undefeated, but lost to the lowly Chiefs.  I predict them to make it to the NFC Championship again, but not win the Super Bowl.  I'll give that the New Orleans Saints.

Drew Brees and company have been doing incredible things in the NFC South and look pretty much unstoppable.  I wouldn't be surprised if they stormed their way into the Super Bowl to win it again.  What about San Francisco?  Very impressed with them, but I give the Saints and Packers the edge over the 9ers.  Sorry San Fran.

Now to the AFC where we were giving the Lombardi trophy to the Bills at week 5.  So much for that.  The Patriots once again win the AFC East and do so with limited weapons and a terrible defense.  The AFC North is the real story, and I think that the Baltimore Ravens are my pick from the AFC for the Super Bowl.

Cincinnati, while very good with rookie QB Andy Dalton, is still very young and I think need to get some experience first.  Pittsburgh isn't the same team of the past this year, so I give the Ravens the edge over their rival.  How about Tim Tebow and the Broncos?  That defense is out of this world, but the offense can't put up more than three points.  If you are going to wait for some miraculous fourth quarter comeback to happen every time and just shrug off the other three quarters where Tebow sucks then sure the broncos are good.  Seriously though they look like they need work.

My Predictions:

NFC Championship:

Packers vs. Saints

AFC Championship:

Patriots vs. Ravens

Super Bowl winner: