It's that time of year again when so-called "Music Television" puts on the annual Video Music Awards. And once again, I have to ask, where are all the gods of rock??

The 2011 MTV VMA's are just about a month away on August 28th, and once again, there is a considerable lack of rock music up for nomination. The last six or seven years have been a real turn off as far as anything goes with MTV, but especially the award shows that began catering to nothing but pop and hip-hop music long ago. **Disclaimer: I have nothing against these genres, as long as they're used in moderation*

It irritates me to no end, year after year when nominees and performers alike are announced with no recognizable rock groups on the ballots or bills. This year is no different, Katy Perry heads up the nominations with nine including "Video of the Year," "Best Collaboration," and "Best Special Effects." Best special effects? Really? So if I wear a bra with sparklers can I fly to LA and win an award too? OK, so that may not be the video that's nominated in that category, but you get what I mean. How about getting back to a little more variety? The list of nominees reads like a club-owner's wet dream. I want to see hardcore. I want to see balls-to-the-ground rock again. What happened to all the Korns and Disturbeds and Green Days (OH MY!)? Hell, I'd even settle for Limp Bizkit taking the stage at this juncture!

The nominees for "Best Rock Video" are disgraceful. Out of five bands, I know of two. Of those two, only one is worthy of being in the category and holding the crown for rock gods. You don't need me to tell you which group I'm talking about. I'm annoyed at how these bands are chosen for this category. Is it any band with 4-5 guys who can play guitar and pretend that they're singing in the mic that gets a consideration? Ridiculous. What happened to standards? What happened to quality? What happened to good music?! I guess you can only get that on the radio now.

It looks like I'll be continuing my boycott of the VMAs this year too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Foo, Beastie, and my boys in LP (one nomination...are you kidding me?!?), but I'm not counting on much. There's just one more thing I'd like to point out in my little rant. Out of the 50 or so bands nominated this year, Q103 - A ROCK STATION, only plays 3-4 of the bands nominated this year. Not due to any snubbing on our part, but because of the lack of brains shared by an entire board at MTV. I CALL DISCRIMINATION!

Who's with me?