There were some real film disasters this year and here are the top 15

I am a big movie goer.  I loved the over the top action of The Expendables, the comedy of Dinner for Schmucks and a slew of other films that hit the big screen in 2010.  my particular favorite was Iron Man 2.  However there were also some movies that had high hopes and fell short amongst audiences and critics.

AV put together a list of the top 15 worst films of the year.  In the #1 spot was M. Knight Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. I know nothing about this movie, and I don't care to see it and I have a feeling that is why it took #1.  At a close #2 was Sex and the City 2 (cast pictured left), highly anticipated by fans of the series but such a disappointment in the end.  My girlfriend was a big fan of the show and the first movie and even she thought this movie was terrible -- and her favorite movie is Newsies, yikes.  That's when you know a movie is bad. Hot Tub Time Machine makes an appearance on the list and so does the Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler film The Bounty Hunter.  Take a look at the complete list at AV