Four-piece rock band The Lost Sons hail from Stuyvesant, New York and are quickly rising in popularity. They have played at most of the local venues and have performed with a number of well-known bands such as Pop Evil, Saving Abel, Cold and Egypt Central. I have seen them a few times and they put on a good show. They will be opening for Everclear this Friday at Northern Lights with Bulletproof Messenger, and to get you amped up I have talked to brothers Eric (drummer) and "Val" (vocalist/guitarist) about the present and future of the band.

1. When and how did you guys form?

We didn't really form in a conventional way. Eric and I have been jamming since we were kids together. Mike came in after we won this battle of the bands showcase. That was our first show ever. -Val

2. What was your goal as a band right from the beginning? Have you reached those goals yet?

Our only goal was to enjoy ourselves while creating the music in which represents us the best. Personally, I'm our biggest fan. It amazes me what we've created over the years. - Eric

3. Who has been your favorite band to open for and why?

It would have to be the first time opening for Saving Abel. Out of all the national bands we've played with they were the most down-to-earth musicians, and their fans accepted us as much as they did. I can't say enough good things about them. -Eric

4. You're opening for Everclear next week. Do you have any pre-show rituals or any superstitious good luck tricks?

Well I know Eric likes to do push ups backstage.  And splash water around. -Val

5. What has been the best moment together for you as a band?

I believe every show we play gets better and better. Sounds cliche but every show becomes my favorite moment to share with these guys. - Eric

6. Val and Eric-Is it ever hard to get along with each other- being siblings and in a band together? Has it had any negative effects on the band?

Were pretty much on the exact same page. So there's very little arguing. Some debating, but little arguing. But when we do we both quit the band for about a week. -Val

7. I see you are not yet signed. If you could be tomorrow, what record company would you like to be with?

Someone that allows us the freedom we want. We take this shit personal. -Val

8. What do each of you do aside from the band? Jobs? Family? Hobbies?

I like to workout. And that's about it. -Eric

9. The music industry today is such a tough market. What's the biggest downside to that for The Lost Sons? How do you try to make yourselves stand out from other bands?

We don't try intentionally to make ourselves stand out. It just comes natural. Bands today focus more on selling points, which just sounds selfish to me. Where do we draw the line and make a stand against this bullshit wave of lame rock music that just keeps getting reproduced over and over again? To me that's the problem with all these "rock bands" out there- they care too much about vanity and forget what music can do for us as a people. It can bring strangers to friends and friends to a new family. It can change time- but only if you allow it to. -Val

10. What are your plans for an album? What sound and vibe would you be reaching for?

We're recording an album right now. We're not reaching for a specific sound or vibe, we're just recording out of pure emotion and expression. If you're a fan of us already I hope to not let you down. If you don't know us, which is more common, then just know that this album is pure expression. We're doing what we love to do, and at the end of the night we're the only ones that have to look at that mirror image and be satisfied with the outcome. -Val

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Come join The Lost Sons this Friday, January 13 at Northern Lights.