There are times when you take a step back and just take a breather. Especially after reading a story like this. Home invasion and burglary, nine teens and one adult, a host of charges. Wow, think about that for a second.

Rensselaer County Sheriffs have arrested 10, count 'em, 10 kids from Troy for allegedly invading a home and committing burglary, according to News 10. The accused range in age from 16 to 23. Sheriffs are saying there was a connection to the home and the victim, who was seriously injured during the invasion.

Savial Pintro, 19/Davon Fox, 18

Savial and Davon appeared in court and were sent to the Rensselaer County Jail without bail and will return to answer to felony charges.

Davania Mitchell, 23 /Tiquinasia Pugh, 18 /Justin Lopez, 19 /Miguel John, 19 /Zeandre Domingo, 16 /Jasmine Fleming, 16 /Tatianna Parker, 17 /Alexandra Frazer, 19

From criminal mischief to first degree burglary, first degree gang assault, oh, and throw in endangering the welfare of child, along with a host of other felony charges, you have a group of people who have allegedly made some seriously bad choices so early on in their lives.

I'm still very blown away by how young the accused are. Sixteen and 17-year-olds charged with felonies? What? Where are their parents? And you know what? Scratch that, let's leave the parents out of this one. These kids should know better! Mommy and daddy can't watch over you forever! Sometimes, you just have to learn a hard lesson. Unfortunately, this lesson is something that will follow them around forever.