When you meet someone new or finally get a date with the person you've been after, have you ever had the urge to "Stalk" them on social media? You know, to find out a little more information about them, their friends, family, etc. Think it's kinda stalker-ish, even creepy? You're not alone according to a new survey.

The survey out of the UK talked to 1,992 singles on a dating website. The survey was done to gauge the online dating habits of those who use such services. What they found might surprise you.

66% said they check out the social media profile of a potential date before agreeing to meeting them. Nothing wrong with that right? You want to know more about the person before you say "yes".

77% of those said they have turned down dates due to what they found or lack there of.

So what's a "turn off" on social media to those 77%? An off-putting profile picture, lack of humor, aggressive online behavior, openly flirting via profile, and over-sharing.

"Your social media profiles say much more about you that you'd think, which isn't always a good thing according to the results of our study!" says Markus Fisher, director of international business for the site conducting the survey - Parsnip UK.

Fisher goes on to say "People should keep in mind how they come across on social media, particularly if they're looking for love. You may think your profiles present you as a hilarious fun-time lover, but it might look completely different to your potential dates!"

Not that horrible when it comes to Facebook "stalking"? I mean people have done worse when it comes to watching your every move on Facebook or any social media for that matter. I've never done one of those dating sites but I would definitely search for my potential date on there just to find out more before asking or accepting. Am I wrong?