I'm not a big fan of kids, but I think it's so cool when they're not only exposed to metal, but when they can play it on their instruments is just prodigial and amazing. Well, the gifted students of Aaron O'Keefe music school in Ohio have mastered Judas Priest and made a video to prove it. These kids are amazing and the video is very much worth checking out.

Earlier in the year, the students traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to visit Reba McEntire's Starstruck Studios to lay down the Judas Priest tracks, which were performed by the following students:

The instrumentation is as listed below:
-Thunder: Kala Scarpinski and Auggie Huber (Age 11)
- Lead Vocals: Noah Stubenrauch (Age 11)
- Drums: Tyler Rogers (Age 13)
- Rhythm Guitar: Drew Lowry (Age 14)
- Bass: Aidan Higgins (Age 15)
- Credit Sequence Vocalist: Emily Leavengood (Age 16)
- Acoustic Guitarists: Robert Doughty and Nathan Clevenger (Age 16)
- Lead Guitar: Joe Hubbell (Age 17)

The school's owner and founder Aaron O'Keefe accompanied the young metal heads and was there for each step of the process:

The vocals were recorded using a vintage AKG C12 microphone.

Because we had to record 8 songs in a single day with 48 students, we had to save on setup time and record the electric guitars direct, He explains. Joe Hubbell used a Digitech RP500 and Drew Lowry used a Vox Tonelab SE. The bass was recorded direct and we used DW drums.

Despite the singer's pre-pubescent voice, these little lungs, hands, arms and legs are getting quite the workout. I can't believe how talented these kids are at such young ages. They can shred guitars like nobody's business, and rock out to music that's been in existance since way before their time (note the band shirts they're wearing).

Below is the video for their version of Judas Priest's "Painkiller"

What do you think of the video? What band would you have covered as a child?