When I was in high school I had a huge crush on my librarian. 5ft 2, 130ish, blond with huge melons!  I would've given anything to experience my first sexual encounter with her. Of course, I was like 15, and any female with huge boobs would have been enough to keep me sitting for a prolonged period of time, if you catch my drift ;-) Fast forward to Feb 2013.

My huge boobed librarian has been replaced and for lack of a better term- retired from my brain, thanks to, what appears to be, a not-so huge boobed/blonde Abby Berkheimer. See, Ms. Berkheimer, last May, was announced as the 'Teen Services Library Assistant' at the Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls. Let me just say: Abby wasted no time servicing the teens as she found herself in a sexual relationship with a 15 yr old a few months later (August). Awww, Summer love!

Apparently, this 15yr-old suited her needs and suited them well because he was found at her house on Wednesday after his parents called the Warren County Sheriff's department looking for him. I'm sure they were reading and listening to that hot new Kidz Bop CD, right?

33yr-old Berkheimer has been charged with 3rd degree Rape, Criminal Sex Act in the 3rd degree and Endangering the Welfare of A Child as the investigation roles on.

For the record, I'm charging Abby with 1st degree Ruining My Huge Boobed Librarian Fantasy. Thanks for nothing!