If my legs just got blown off I can’t pin point exactly what would be on my to do list but seeing some boobs might be in the top 5.

Privet Emily Tomkins, a Army combat medic recently received a bravery award for saving the life of a soldier in Afghanistan. Tomkins was treating a male solider who had both legs blown off in a Taliban attack. To help ease his pain she gave him a shot of morphine but that did not seem to be enough. When she explained to him that she could not give him another shot he said “Well do something useful and show me your boobs.” Private Tomkins did not follow up with the request of the Gazongah showing, but instead stopped his bleeding then helped drag him to safety.

On one hand she did save his life. But on the other hand she failed to show off her goods. The one real chance to be a hero and this girl messed it all up. I say yes reward this woman for doing a job well done and saving a life, but let’s reserve the real big shinny metals for the real heroes. You know the mindless girls who swing on those poles and dance primarily in your lap.