It wasn't too long ago when ol' Monte turned on the tube just in time to catch one of his favorite movies, Die Hard, on one of the basic cable channels. After about fifteen minutes, I remembered why I tend to hit up the Red Box or pay channels if I want to watch one of my favorite flicks - the horrible dubbing.


I know, I know - basic cable does not take kindly to airing George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words, but some of the TV edits are MotorScooting hilarious.  Here are my top three WORST dubs of all time.


Ghostbusters - Back in 1984, I never could figure out who "Wally" was.


Snakes on a Plane - "Money Fighting Snakes on this Monday Through Friday Plane" !?!?  Really? Really!?!?



Die Hard 2 - One of my favorite lines from Die Hard shows up in the sequel  - "Yippee Ki yay Mr Falcon!"  Wait. Falcon?  Did John McClane just say Mr. Falcon?  What gets me about this dub is that there wasn't even anyone named Faclon in the movie.



What about you? What are some of your *shake my head* TV dubs?