Today is my wife's birthday so she is not a huge fan of Christmas because it overshadows her birthday, I feel that I have a solution to her frustration but if my wife listened to me it would be a Christmas miracle.

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According to my wife: Having a birthday so close to Christmas sucks because not a lot of people want to give you two rounds of presents and most people are busy doing Christmas stuff to attend a Birthday Party.

I understand, however if it were me I would embrace Christmas more then I already do, my Birthday party would be a Christmas party and I would claim to be the King of Christmas or in her case the Queen of Christmas. You would think that people would be more enthusiastic about attending a Christmas Birthday Party!

Unfortunately the world does not work that way, so every Christmas I have to watch Christmas movies and TV shows by myself if I don't want to hear about how much she hates Christmas. I should feel sympathetic but I do not because I watch so many Christmas movies and TV shows! and it distracts me.

Did you know that if you watch every Christmas episode of The Office that it is like watching the entire series?

In conclusion: Happy Birthday Maria.