Christmas time brings us some of our favorite songs, and at the same time drops some pretty big turds on us. I'll never understand how some of them get played every single year, but there must be some jerk out there that likes these songs. I'm glad the days of every pop singer in the world releasing a Christmas album is over because most of the time their songs suck anyway. So these are the songs that make me want to shove ice picks in my ears this time of the year.



N Sync - 'Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays'

If someone had told me that Justin Timberlake was going to be massively entertaining back when this song came out I would have punched them in the face, but this song is horrible. Can you believe this was a hit?

Little Drummer Boy

This is probably a song that is loved by a lot of people, but I seriously can't stand it. I absolutely detest the Michale Bolton version and would love to share that with you, but he has done a good job of removing that embarrassment from the internet. So here is Bing Crosby and David Bowie, yeah, that good.

Cyndi Lauper - "Christmas Conga"

Wait, someone told her that this was a good idea? There is no way that she looks back on this and goes "wow, I made a classic". Give a listen to this abortion.

NewSong - "The Christmas Shoes"

No in all regards this is probably a very good song that will give you a good cry, so to that I say boo. I don't want to hear sad music, I want music I can have a good time to! This one is one that no one wants to hear, I hope anyway.

Destiny's Child - "8 Days of Christmas"

This is hands down the worst Christmas song ever recorded. Besides the fact that Beyonce looks smoking hot, this makes me want to close my head in a car door over, and over, and over. It's probably the one song on this list that you actually won't hear on the radio because no one, not even Destiny's Child likes it.