Studies show that most women make noise (and lots of it) when engaging in sexual intercourse. It’s not because they’re nearing orgasm. Those loud moans are more of an effort to make you feel good about yourself and the size of your package and because she wants you to hurry the hell up.

U.K. researchers conducted a study of ‘copulatory vocalization,’ which is academic-speak for “moaning so friggin’ loudly that your perverted, eavesdropping neighbor will get off.” They polled 71 sexually active heterosexual females between the ages of 18 and 48. So they essentially spoke to the women that aren’t sleeping with you anyway.

The ensuing results were published in ‘Archives of Sexual Behavior’ and found that 87 percent of the subjects moaned “to boost their partner’s self-esteem,” while 66 percent of the subjects “oohed” and “aahed” in order to get her partner to hurry up and ejaculate.

A woman will also moan before and during their partner’s climax. Other reasons she’s moaning? Boredom, fatigue and discomfort and those shoes she saw at Macy’s.

Want to make her really scream? Buy them for her. She might even have sex with you again.

[Via ABC News]