Foreigners, ah the folks that make my job as a radio DJ almost easy. Each day I am tasked with finding interesting things to talk about on air in order to "entertain" or in some cases, just make myself look like a complete @$$.

Today I found a gold mine from Brazil where a woman attempted to kill her husband by rubbing poison on her privates and tried to make him do the tongue dance on her.

The woman is now facing a lawsuit from her husband. She is accused of placing a toxic substance on her genitals, then asking him to perform oral sex on her.

After being lured to the bedroom and accepting his wife's request, the man escaped death due to the "strange smell" he caught wind of just before starting.

I can only imagine what that conversation had to be like. "Hun... Um... you smell a bit 'off' down there. Is everything ok?"

The confused husband then took his wife to a local hospital to find the cause of the extreme odor. The plot all came clear when test were performed and traces of a poisonous substance were found on the wife's genitals.

No word on what the extent of the lawsuit is (e.i. for cash, divorce, etc) or reaction from the husband publicly but I am sure he is going nowhere near her anytime soon.