We have all been there stuck next to someone you don't know in confined space. Something happens where you can't wait for this unpleasantly awkward situation to just end.For Steve Cullum This happened on a flight home. Some random lady passes out on his lap. With her face right in his manhood Steve attempts to wake her. Finally she terrorizes the other person in his row of three.

There is no exuse for this lady's actions. If you're such a deep sleeper you don't know you have a face full of a stranger junk, then you should make every effort to get a good nights sleep. If it's a medical condition you suffer from then consider buying the whole row or a different method of transportation.

A few years ago we had some bad storms that left most of the country buried in snow. I was flying home and spent almost 24 hours in an airport or plane trying to get back home. My over night stay was in Chicago O'hare (The grimy-ist Airport in the world). So sleeping was not an option, making a fully awake and bright eyed flight to Albany impossible. On a packed plane I fell asleep but never did I fall in to someones lap, But I did wake myself with a loud snore. Embarrassed the next time I closed my eyes I was laying in my own bed.