Legit, Albany? Of all the cities to write a tune about you pick Albany. Well these bands did.

I mean yeah, cities get songs dedicated to them all the time. Frank Sinatra with New York, New York. Dropkick Murphy's with all their songs about bean town. But Albany to me as a life long resident of the Capital Region doesn't really have enough appeal for a song. Whether it be rock, country, pop or any genre for that matter. Here are a few acts who decided to hit up the recording studios with their ode's to New York's state capital.

I guess we all have different tastes in music but this makes me cringe. One because, nobody outside of New York will understand this and two its just a weird song.

Who knew that so many hippies write about Albany!!

This is kind of odd, but hey I could probably get down with it.

Do you see why bands have written about Albany?