The NFL's regular season is over, we have our playoff picture, and it is now time to make your Super Bowl predictions! What does the winner get? Pride.

Getty Images

I did not choose the image of Peyton Manning pointing, because I think that the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl, I picked this image, because I could not find a good video on the playoff picture, and this image was available in our "Image bank."

Gut Prediction 

I predict, that the Seattle Seahawks will dominate the playoffs, but hit a "Steel Curtain" in the Super Bowl, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, will win the Super Bowl.

And I will tell you why: Because the Seahawks are hot right now, and they will up their game for the playoffs, but the Steelers will be that "Stick in the mud" team, that will fall behind, but play so consistently, that they will always end up winning, but not by much. In the end it will be the Steelers consistency vs the Seahawks hot streak.

Educated Prediction

I guess you can call this "Prediction B," where I use my head a little bit more, which means I actually thought about this one.

I predict, the Super Bowl will be, Broncos vs Panthers.

The Panthers lost 1 game this season, Cam Newton will take his team all the way to the Super Bowl, but the Broncos defense will crush the Panthers offense, and Peyton Manning will go all out, because this is his last chance at another Super Bowl win. The Broncos will win, and Peyton Manning will retire.