We found Osama, we're still looking for Waldo and Carmen Sandeigo now let's add Sarah Palin to that list.   She is currently taking a bus tour across America stopping at historic places along the way and adding speculation she might be running for president.

Sarah Palin is driving the media nuts!  They are following her bus up and down the East Coast thinking that she is testing the waters and will be announcing plans to run for President in 2012.

Palin is currently on a bus tour across America.    She rode into Washington on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle as part of a Memorial Day celebration.  She also attended and stopped at numerous historical sites as well.

Her supporters are still trying to figure out where she will be next as her twitter account had the closing lines of the Gettysburg address posted - they waited over nine hours for her at the battlefield and Palin was a no show.   Today she is heading the New Hampshire.

When asked if she is considering a run for President she remains non committed.   What do you think?  Is Sarah Palin going to run for President or is this just a great publicity stunt to keep her name in the public eye? Comment below.